Sprint Safety is built on a strong foundation of industry experience, quality products and customer service. Sprint Safety is a management company specializing in rental and sales of a full line of safety, breathing air, and confined space entry equipment. From our offices located along the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast, Sprint Safety serves customers throughout the United States to provide complete on-site turnaround services and industrial training, as well as a wide range of equipment management, sales, rental and maintenance services.

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Sprint Safety

Breathing Air Equipment:
Meeting the demands of a multitude of hazardous workplace respiratory conditions requires a wide variety of respiratory equipment. Sprint Safety’s knowledgeable staff can assist in selecting the equipment that is best suited to each customer’s situation by identifying what safety threats are present and by examining the nature and scope of the work to be done.

– Breathing Apparatus
For vessel or other confined space entry with a possible contaminant release, air line respirators provide a continuous long-term air supply to sustain a central working environment. Air line respirators also serve in limited travel areas such as in line break situations. Under rescue conditions, emergency, egress, or other conditions requiring further freedom of movement, Sprint Safety can supply self-contained breathing apparatuses (SCBA), including emergency escape units.

– Respirator Protection Equipment
Full-face air purifying respirators protect the users’ eyes from harmful fumes or liquids while the half-face respirators allow for an uncompromised field of vision where there are no threats to the eyes.

– Breathing Air Systems
Sprint Safety provides breathing boxes that function at 50 c.f.m. (4 man) or at 100 c.f.m. (8man) plus all of our breathing boxes have visual and audible alarms. Additionally, we offer water traps that enhance filter life and efficiency. For workers’ air sources Sprint Safety’s 24-bottle breathing air trailer supplies 7,200 c.f. of breathing air. Depending on the number of workers and the duration of the specific task, breathing air cascade system manifolds connect either 6 or 12, 300 c.f. bottles together in our 6-pack and 12-pack racks. We also offer smaller units for mobility such as our 2-cylinder carts or our 3-bottle trailer.

For larger crews, long durations, multiple locations, and situations that require constant breathing air; Sprint Safety can install and operate our Triplex Bulk Breathing Air System.