Sprint Safety is built on a strong foundation of industry experience, quality products and customer service. Sprint Safety is a management company specializing in rental and sales of a full line of safety, breathing air, and confined space entry equipment. From our offices located along the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast, Sprint Safety serves customers throughout the United States to provide complete on-site turnaround services and industrial training, as well as a wide range of equipment management, sales, rental and maintenance services.

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Sprint Safety

Decontamination Equipment:
Sprint Safety makes many tools available to our customers that manage the dangers of working with or near hazardous materials. Together with our clients we can determine what dangers are present, both for workers’ health and for environmental safety, and what steps need to be taken to filter, contain, neutralize, or eliminate contaminating substances.

When contaminants are potentially air-born, we offer 2,000 c.f.m. negative air machines that filter contaminants from confined spaces before they enter the atmosphere.

For working in contaminated areas, Sprint Safety can supply hand wash stations that bear water lines with continuous flow or alternatively, when mobility is a priority, our hand wash trailers are self-contained and offer either 250 or 500-gallon capacities. Additionally, self-contained eye wash stations and safety showers, with 15-gallon capacities, are available and also completely portable.

After the work is done, our Decontamination Trailers provide a worker dress-down room with a negative air machine in order to contain workers’ contaminated apparel; followed by a shower room with 4-showers, sink, washer, and dryer; and ending in our clean dressing and locker room. All wastewater is filtered of contaminants before being released to waste drain. Similarly constructed, in our Alky Trailers we can also issue, track, and clean decontaminant alky suits.