Sprint Safety is built on a strong foundation of industry experience, quality products and customer service. Sprint Safety is a management company specializing in rental and sales of a full line of safety, breathing air, and confined space entry equipment. From our offices located along the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast, Sprint Safety serves customers throughout the United States to provide complete on-site turnaround services and industrial training, as well as a wide range of equipment management, sales, rental and maintenance services.

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Sprint Safety

Gas Detection:
In order to maintain safe working environments and to alert workers to developing hazards, Sprint Safety supplies everything needed to detect and monitor dangerous emissions. We can also assist our clients in identifying what noxious threats are potentially present and then help to select and calibrate the most appropriate detection equipment for the given working conditions.

With additional parameters such as work duration; personnel numbers; what other equipment, machines, or protective gear is involved with the work, safety regulations, and any number of additional variables, Sprint Safety’s experienced staff can aid in determining what additional option are critical for each client’s situation such as battery life, data logging, and alarm type.

Offering an array of models from trusted manufacturers like MSA, RKI, BioSystems, BW Technologies, RAE, Scott, and others, gives us extensive options of specific features that cater to our customers exact requirements.

Sprint Safety’s multi-gas monitors are equipped with various options such as: extended battery life; data logging; and audible, visual & remote alarms. All monitors have a standard sensor configuration of O2, LEL, CO, and H2S, but sensors can be adjusted to accommodate nearly any specific need.

Our single-gas monitors are equipped with various options such as audible, visual and vibrating alarms; dormant modes for extended battery life; data logging; and chemical sensors that can also be adjusted to accommodate nearly any specific need.

PID’s are equipped with audible and visual alarms, data logging, and automatic sample draw pumps. The sampling range for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) is up to 10,000 p.p.m.