Sprint Safety is built on a strong foundation of industry experience, quality products and customer service. Sprint Safety is a management company specializing in rental and sales of a full line of safety, breathing air, and confined space entry equipment. From our offices located along the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast, Sprint Safety serves customers throughout the United States to provide complete on-site turnaround services and industrial training, as well as a wide range of equipment management, sales, rental and maintenance services.

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Sprint Safety

Sprint Safety

Hazardous Location Equipment:
Aside from breathing air and gas detection equipment, Sprint Safety offers a wide variety of solutions for working in hazardous locations. Our team is ready to assist in identifying individual hazardous elements and addressing them with the best-suited and highest quality equipment available.

Among the many superior products that Sprint Safety puts at our clients’ disposal are Proximity Suits rated for 400F of continuous heat and 2,000F radiant heat and Kiln/Fire entry suits that withstand 1,500F of total flame or ambient heat and 2,000F of radiant heat.

Air Movers maintain continues airflow in vessels and confined spaces to control static electricity and to keep fresh air in the space. Sprint Safety offers several options in Air Movers including: 8” or 12” air horns; 8”, 12”, or 24’ air driven copus blowers; and 8” or 12” ram fan electric blowers.

Communication is paramount when working in hazardous locations. Sprint Safety’s HT1250 two-way radios have 32-channels and are 800-megahertz compatible in order to match our client’s existing equipment if needed. We also offer repeaters for increased communication range.